HRL High School Conference 2019

Harvard Right to Life hosted its first annual conference for high school students in the Boston area on March 30. Our main speaker, Paul Rose, advised students to continue developing their knowledge on pro-life subjects, and spoke a bit about recent events and legislation in the pro-life sphere. We also had small group discussions, and a panel of current Harvard students answering questions about their experiences as pro-life college students and questions about pro-life apologetics in general.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Paul Rose for speaking with us!

Dwight Duncan on Recent Abortion Legislation

Harvard Right to Life hosted a talk by Professor Dwight Duncan of UMass Law school on Wednesday, March 13. He led a discussion on the most recent legislation dealing with abortion, including the laws in NY and VA allowing abortion up to 9 months and the abortion survivors act which failed to pass. He also remarked on the movement of the pro-choice mentality in the last few years, saying that it is becoming increasingly radical and further from what most people actually want. He also defended the debated abortion survivors act- though there is legislation in place on the issue, it did not have any kind of repercussions if broken. The proposed bill would have, which is why not passing it is equivalent to supporting infanticide. We must continue to fight against this radicalized movement and defend the dignity of all human life! Thank you, Professor Duncan!

Gosnell Movie Screening

Thanks to Students for Life of America, we were able to host a screening of “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” on Monday, February 25. This movie tells the story of Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic, and the horrors that went on there. We welcomed a big crowd and collectively cried as we saw the sad truth behind Gosnell’s murder convictions.

Welcome Back Meeting

We held a welcome back meeting for our members on Monday, Feb 11. We saw some new faces joining the pro-life cause on Harvard’s campus, discussed what events we wanted to put on over the next year, and made sure everyone knew our new board members. Highlights included a push to sidewalk counsel at a planned parenthood again, a desire to broaden our focus to all pro-life issues, not just abortion, and insomnia cookies.

March for Life 2019

Harvard Right to Life sent a group to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers were there with us! We also enjoyed hearing talks about apologetics, philosophy, personal testimony, and more at the Students for Life of America conference afterwards.