The Abortion Pill Reversal

We enjoyed a lovely talk from Dr. Lucy Bayer, an OB/GYN in the Cambridge area, about the abortion pill reversal and the effects of medication abortion more generally. She explained that abortion pill reversal uses progesterone, which is used to stop miscarriages, but the pro-choice science community claims it is unsafe because there was no blind random sample experiment. However, since doctors can’t justify prescribing a placebo pill when they think there is a chance of saving a life, it would be impossible to make it scientifically valid through a blind random sample. Thank you Dr. Bayer for teaching us about this issue! IMG_6891

Planned Parenthood Outing & Social

A few Harvard Right to Life members went to sidewalk counsel outside of the Planned Parenthood by BU. We had a good time providing a calm, pro-life presence to women who may need to see they have options outside of abortion. Then, we came back on campus for a social. It was our VP of membership’s birthday, so we celebrated together with a cake. Happy birthday Matt!


Unplanned Movie Night

Don’t be fooled by the title- this movie night was planned well in advance, but we watched the film “Unplanned” about Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now a staunch pro-life advocate. Thank you to Students for Life of America for sponsoring our movie night, we loved seeing this inspiring story of choosing life!

The Feminist Case Against Abortion

We hosted a talk by Serrin Foster, President of Feminists for Life, on the feminist case against abortion. We learned about the early feminists and their celebration of motherhood. We talked about prioritizing policy that helps women in schools and workplaces feel confident in having a child. As Serrin said, “Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women, it’s a reflection that we’ve settled for less”. HRL will continue to fight to support women and offer solutions, not something we can settle for.

Vita et Veritas

We went to Vita et Veritas again this year to meet with Choose Life at Yale and other pro-life groups to discuss alternatives to abortion. We heard from speakers including Kailee Perrin, Abigail Young, and Jannique Stewart about the future of the pro-life movement and how we can best serve the woman and her child. Thank you CLAY for hosting us, and we look forward to more great pro-life discussions in the future!